We create stunning realistic 3D images that represent your 3D Product Design in the very best digital imagery.  3D Product visualisations are an ideal medium to communicate your ideas in a digital or printed form.  Such images are ideal for marketing campaigns, point-of-sale displays and new to market brand approval. The raw data we can work with varies from your rough concept sketches to complex 3D data generated from industry standard engineering CAD software.  It is a proven valuable asset if you are seeking funding or patent drawing preparation.

We provide such images from medium/large companies (FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Energy, Engineering, Telecoms and Corporate institutions) to small sole trader start-ups that are at initial design stage.  We also work with other design houses that need to see their 2D concepts represented in a 3D environment. Our experience allows up to quickly evaluate what lighting, materials and camera angle should be used to showcase your product.  We have built up an extensive library of common packaging scenes/scenarios which allow us to reduce time and ultimately your cost.

3d jet engine

3D Modelling

The first step is to build your 3D model. We have extensive experience in building 3D models in NURBS or Polygons from scratch. If you already have CAD data we can utilise your data into our 3D software.

Custom Materials

Key to getting your image correct is the proper use of materials, We have all types of materials ranging from organic flesh like material to architectural Alucobond.

virtual studio

The Virtual Studio

When working in a 3D environment we can view your item/product from any angle with unlimited lighting options. We can change materials and lighting within a fraction of the time & cost that real world modifications take.

3d engineering visualisation

Animation, 3D web

Bring your ideals to the next level with animation and online 3D. We can put your product on your website in a fully 3D world allowing your site visitors to interact with your 3D model.

3D Product Design, Prototypes and Product Mockups

We offer cost effective, high end visual solutions to greatly enhance your marketing effort, 3D imagery combined with 2D graphics for new product development, prototyping and packaging.We have extensive experience in producing digital media for FMCG, pharmaceutical, architectural, engineering …


Brand Managers

Inventors and Product Designers

Marketing Agencies

Traditional 2D Design Houses


We listen carefully to your ideas so we fully understand your brief

We offer a fast and extremely flexible approach to all our projects

Dedicated 3D team with graphical and technical expertise

Experience with small and multinational enterprises

RME developed a range of 3D visualisations for us when we needed to pitch a product concept to one of Irelands leading sportswear and equipment manufacturers. They produced beautifully lit and textured images, and the realism was captured so well that when some people looked at the images they thought they were looking at photographs of the real product. I highly recommend their work.

Ronan Nelson , iCompany

Want to talk to us about your project!

See it before you make it

Have you a new product/prototype that requires a professional visualisation or an existing product that needs a labeling or branding makeover? if so we are happy to assist you in creating a stunning looking image that will convey your product in an aesthetic and informative manner. Our CGI images and animations are commonly used for e-learning (technical illustrations) and marketing purpose (signage, print, web). We also know that when pitching an idea for funding purposes, a high quality product rendering/animation using accurate physical based materials greatly assists your audience in understanding your product. We look forward to discussing your product and are happy to sign any NDA’S for peace of mind.


Provide us with a sketch, cad file or branding artwork for your product. This allows us to understand what your 3D Product Design is about and the message you want to convey.


We will create a 3D model of your product. This will allow for any view/lighting style to be developed. Decide on what materials/branding artwork for your product.


With the design and mood now set and understood we set off on the texturing and lighting of your product.  We believe that tweaking as we go to achieve photoreal results.


Hi-Res images of your 3D Product Design can be rendered for print publications, online promotions, signage etc. Animations can be created to illustrate complex workings & Design.